Communication design is all about design made practical, alive and usable, while choosing the right marketing tools. It means being able to face creative challenges consistently and to offer strategic responses for online and offline outputs.


Recognizing a need is the primary condition: by using both marketing analysis and creative design, logic and creativity, it is possible to discover a question that has never been asked and give a unique answer. 


Marketing is about connecting with people, persuading them and helping them; design takes invisible ideas and makes them tangible. Mixing marketing and design generates creativity and innovation: it means creating new things, raising new questions and new possibilities, looking at problems from a new perspective.


Communication design is, in the end, all about this: creating messages and broadcast them to the world in new and meaningful ways, in order to attract, inspire, create desires, and motivate the people to respond. 

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communication designer

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Hello, I am Silvia Frattali. 
I am communication designer and I combine marketing and design to help ambitious companies building powerful brands, effective strategies, and engaging experiences.


Being a communication designer means doing many different jobs at the same time: a web and graphic designer, a copywriter, a social media manager, a marketer, a trendwatcher, project manager, a video maker, a photographer, an event planner...


That is why I always use a 360° approach when starting a communication project, and I develop it on every level and through every possible asset: engaging strategies, online and offline content, presentations, events, graphics - all from concept to execution.


The goal is to translate ideas and information through a variety of media, thinking strategically in both design and marketing terms.


My job requires research skills, creativity, time management, problem-solving, an entrepreneurial attitude, and a strategic thinking.